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Pool Cleaning Service San Diego

Pool Cleaning Service San Diego

Why hire POOLSERV as your pool cleaning service in San Diego? We can offer you a superior customer experience if you don’t have time to clean and maintain your swimming pool. Hassle-free service at a budget-friendly price is just one of the many reasons pool owners choose us when outsourcing pool cleaning, repairs, maintenance, and equipment replacement. Read a few of our online customer reviews to see how we can make owning a pool more enjoyable.

POOLSERV Is at Your Service

Our expert pool cleaners near San Diego can offer you routine cleaning and maintenance at the best price - starting at just $99.99 per month for our weekly service. Our all-inclusive pool cleaning services ensure that your pool is brushed frequently, skimmed often, and properly maintained for clarity and optimum pH levels, and you won’t pay extra for chemical supplies when you sign up for our weekly service. Call around and compare prices just to see the value of what we offer our clients.

Rated Best Pool Cleaning Services Near San Diego

Ask our clients, and they’ll tell you about our commitment to providing a better-than-average experience when you need San Diego pool cleaners. We go above and beyond what other 'pool pros’ will do to earn your business because we aim for customer loyalty and a long-term relationship with every client. As your personal pool experts, we offer many additional services aside from pool maintenance. These include one-time repairs, equipment upgrades, water recovery, and access to low-cost supplies, parts, and chemicals. There’s no need to ever call another pool company when we can do it all.

Affordable Salt Water Pool Service Near San Diego

Can your current pool company properly maintain your salt water pool system? A saltwater pool uses a salt cell to generate its own chlorine, but every so often, the salt cell needs to be disassembled and cleaned to prevent poor circulation, filtration, and quite commonly, an inability to produce chlorine. Not to worry, though! Our salt cell cleanings include removing the salt cell, eliminating any obstructions, and returning the cell to peak performance. If you’re thinking about switching over to a salt water system, our pool cleaning experts in San Diego can answer your questions and help you understand the unique benefits of changing over. 

Gold Standard Service

We don’t take it lightly as being named the best pool cleaning company in San Diego; every day, we strive to offer you outstanding value. If you’re not already signed up for our weekly cleaning and maintenance plan, we encourage you to give us a try and see why we are regarded as the best choice for full-service pool cleaning and maintenance.

Contact POOLSERV to discuss our affordable plan or schedule an equipment repair when you call (858) 707-7589. You’ll find additional resources on our website, including chemical supplies with free next-day delivery, inspections & troubleshooting information, and new equipment installation content. Reach out to our team when seeking an honest and trustworthy pool cleaning service in San Diego.

Pool Cleaning Service San Diego
(858) 707-7589
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San Diego CA 92103

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