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Article provided by: Calgarys Best Sunrooms


Buying a new home means you are also paying for the neighborhood’s ambiance and the home’s compound. You are lucky if you can get the ideal home with a sunroom at an affordable fee. Otherwise, you have the freedom to install sunrooms of your design to make it as cozy, warm, and elegant as you wish. Do not fear taking a risk because the modern sunroom is a possible extension to just about any property.

Examples of modern sunroom designs by Calgary Best Sunrooms

A Calgary sunroom builder creates modern sunrooms by making them as distinctive as possible with unique features and systems. Here are a few elements that make up a unique sunroom.

Modern Components

The modern sunroom is like a modern porch in most cold countries. The traditional porch is only helpful during summer and spring because it does not have the necessary covers to keep off wind and rain. The sunroom is the evolution of the traditional porch because it has all the necessary technology.  Ideas for building a sunroom in Calgary AB include:

  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Roof panels
  • Insulated glass
  • Radiant cooling and heating devices, like an HVAC that connects to the central unit in the house
  • Low emissivity glass 

Maximum light

The perfect three-season space should allow light from all walls and the entire roof. We use modern architecture like sharp edges instead of the older rounded corners.

Cozy interior

The sunroom must be a cozy space if you want it to be your favorite spot of the house. Our solarium builder in Calgary will not install specific furniture in your room. Still, we can tailor it to accommodate loveseats, tall wall-climbing plants, and quaint but adorable interior pieces. We use bright paint to replace older pieces with modern features like screen panels to elevate the mood.

Using a monochrome theme

The most elegant modern sunrooms do not pack a punch of colors and assorted designs. While some people enjoy the many different colors, modern architecture lovers prefer minimalistic colors. Additionally, a black and white color combination is the perfect background against plants of different colors or a bright or dull décor.

Create a flow of traffic

The sunroom can feel like an extension of the home when you make the space large and use wide archways to connect it to the main house. The wide archway allows in as much air as possible and provides a superb whimsical appeal to a dull modern sunroom.

Adding a living space

The best modern sunrooms blend the outside and inside with the décor and plants. The hammock is a great way to bring together the indoors and outdoors, so you can enjoy a vacation-like feeling in your own home.  We can help by installing structures that support installing structures like the hammock, library, or Jacuzzi. You are at the right place if you are in the process of selecting a sunroom builder. Call or contact us to schedule a consultation on more tips for sunrooms.


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